Understanding the structure

At the moment there are translation support for two types of sources:

The other type of material is the lessons based on rmarkdown. There is the project 2 with issues to tackle the implementation of that type of lessons.

The goal is that everything is translated using gettext system. This system converts the source product into a PO file format that many translation software understand and it is therefore easier to update when the source changes and find what bits are new. All the issues related with the tooling and infrastructure is at the project 3.

The Carpentries-i18n organisation

This organisation includes, for now forks of all the lessons and other repositories with code needed to convert, automate and visualise the lessons and their translations.


At the moment the material and all the repositories in this organisation is not officially under The Carpentries umbrella. However, the people behind this effort are part of the Carpentries’ community.

The mains repositories are: